The UVMatrix SI-Series uses UVC light to disinfect HVAC coils in large air handlers. The benefit is improved indoor air quality (IAQ) and clean, efficient HVAC operation with reduced maintenance and energy costs.

The UV-C light generated by the SI-Series kills microorganisms on coils, surfaces and airstream—including mold, flu viruses and bacteria

As HVAC systems work to control indoor climates for comfort and optimized productivity, the nature of HVAC operation promotes the contamination of indoor air. This is due to bio-growth that occurs on wet cooling coils and other interior surfaces, and from the distribution of allergens and particulates to every room in the structure as air is circulated.

Improve indoor air quality AND reduce HVAC energy and maintenance costs—at the same time!

Ultravation has developed eco-smart solutions that work to prevent the health issues that arise from poor indoor air quality. Eco-smart because of the very real environmental benefit of reducing HVAC energy use and maintenance costs:

  • Energy use is reduced because the HVAC coils are continually cleaned of mold and other biological contamination with the 24-7 application of UV-C light. The gradual reduction of efficiency between conventional cleaning is eliminated. The energy saved can far exceed the energy used by the highly efficient UVMatrix system.
  • HVAC Maintenance costs are reduced because UVMatrix SI continually cleans the coil reducing or eliminating the need for expensive and environmentally-detrimental chemical HVAC coil cleaning techniques.

40% more disinfection power, less energy used

Ultravation’s T3 design UV lights enable them to emit 40% more UV-C, with no additional energy cost. Using economical standard UV lamps, Ultravation achieves the disinfection power of power-hungry “high-output” lamps. T3’s patented lamp system thermally optimizes each lamp—for more output than is otherwise possible without increased energy consumption.


LONG LIFE 2-year UVC lamp change intervals with easy lamp changes

More output and longer life make the Ultravation T3™ UVC lamp system has unsurpassed efficiency. The thermally optimized, encased UVC lamp system does not mean you must replace the entire unit when lamps are changed. You only replace the low energy consumption standard UltraMAX UV lamps inside. And changes do not require highly trained personnel.


Applications: Large Air Handlers Commercial / Institutional / Medical / Public


  • Download the UVMatrix™ SI-Series brochure (PDF format)
  • Download the UVMatrix™ SI-Series Spec sheet (PDF format)
  • Download the Ultravation Commercial Product Line brochure (PDF format)

Specifications: Click here to download UVMatrix™ SI-Series technical specifications (MS Word format)

Technical Drawings: Click to download UVMatrix™ SI-Series technical drawings (PDF format)

Warranty: Lifetime system warranty (excluding lamps)

Installation: By Ultravation or Local Commercial HVAC contractor

Sizing and Estimation:

  • Download the Commercial Sizing Guidelines (PDF format)

Please contact us for a project estimate with dosage recommendations.

Stainless steel components assure tolerance of wet environments.

Watertight connections protect electronic components.

si-flexibleHVAC interiors are naturally wet as air is dehumidified. This means the SI-Series designed to withstand wet conditions.

Patented* horizontal expanding design is infinitely adjustable to assure excellent fit and optimized UV exposure—making the SI-Series ideal for new or retrofit installations.

The SI-Series is designed to install in virtually any air handler because of its expandability.  We will size the system appropriately for the number of lamps, and the flexible equipment is ready to fit the unique characteristics of the air handler.

* Ultravation UVMatrix SI-Series™ is protected under U.S. Patent #7419642B2

Better IAQ through better UV system design

The SI-Series is engineered to operate 24-7 for many years. Its watertight connections protect the electronics and they are available with stainless steel cabinets.


UVMatrix™ CP Control Panel monitors UVC status and UV lamp operation

  • Real-time TrueUVC monitoring
  • Elapsed time running meter
  • Individual lamp status indicator
  • Ballast power indicator
  • On-off remote switchable
  • Contacts for building automation
Protected under US Patent #:8101127 B2