Keep your ice machine sanitized 24/7 with germicidal UV light!

The UVMatrix™ ClearCubes™ UV system for ice machines continually applies germicidal ultraviolet light to destroy bacteria and all other bio-growth for safer ice machine operation. Ice machine UV reduces cleaning frequency and maintenance.

UVMatrix™ ClearCubes™ is specially designed for ice machines to eliminate the gradual build-up of bio-growth between conventional cleanings—reducing maintenance costs. The dual-bandwidth advanced oxidation UVC lamp reduces odors and kills germs on machine surfaces and the ice as well. UV-C light has been proven effective against all types of organisms.

The ClearCubes kit consists of an Ultravation anti-shatter, Teflon-coated UV lamp (available in 9″ and 18″ lengths), an electronic power supply (120 or 240VAC), a 6 ft. lamp lead, and twin adjustable stainless steel light shields that keep UV away from sensitive areas. Installs easily with a high-tack adhesive mounting strip.

The ClearCube dual-bandwidth UV-C lamp increases germ-killing power and removes odors without chemicals


The UV band of light contains frequencies that penetrate cell walls and destroys the DNA of microorganisms… when this happens they become unable to reproduce and die off.


Fits all ice machines



  • Ice machines for hotels and restaurants


  • Water-tight electrical connectors
  • Dual-bandwidth, Teflon-coated UVC lamp
  • 18,000 hr lamp life (approximately 24 months)
  • 10-year system warranty (excludes lamp)
  • 1-year UV lamp warranty
  • Reliable and UVC-optimizing electronic power supply helps extend lamp life
  • Available for 120 or 240 VAC operations.
  • Engineered to fit all ice machines

Installation: By local commercial HVAC contractor


  • Download the UVMatrix ClearCubes Sell Sheet (PDF format)
  • Download the Ultravation Commercial Product Line brochure (PDF format)

Warranty: 10-year system warranty (excluding lamp)

UVMatrix™ ClearCubes

Model NumberLampPower ConsumptionVoltage
CC-9-1209" Teflon-coated lamp CC09URL16VA120 VAC
CC-9-2409" Teflon-coated lamp CC09URL16VA240 VAC
CC-18-12018" Teflon-coated lamp CC18URL16VA120 VAC
CC-18-24018" Teflon-coated lamp CC18URL16VA240 VAC

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