Germicidal UVC Air Treatment for Commercial HVAC Systems

Ultravation® UVMatrix™ AS uses UVC light to kill microorganisms in HVAC ductwork airstreams—including mold, flu viruses and bacteria

As HVAC systems work to control indoor climates for comfort and optimized productivity, the nature of HVAC operation promotes the biological contamination of indoor air. This is due to bio-growth that occurs on wet cooling coils and other interior surfaces, as well as the general distribution of airborne allergens and pathogens throughout a structure as air is circulated.

UVMatrix™ AS: An array of UVC lamps that generate a high level of germicidal or anti-microbial intensity

The Ultravation UVMatrix™ AS-Series is designed to expose the air circulating through HVAC airways to high levels of UVC energy. The result is the destruction of airborne bacteria and viruses that accumulate in indoor air. By reducing concentrations of airborne pathogens, the risk of infection for people in a building to colds, the flu ­­— virtually all types of communicable diseases via airborne transmission — is similarly reduced. Whether a hospital, a school or an office environment, keeping the air as healthy as possible has its obvious benefits. The AS-Series is designed specifically for the reduction of airborne pathogens, silently and with no by-products, such as ozone, generated.

Putting airborne microorganisms through a gauntlet of germicidal UVC lamps

The effectiveness of germicidal UV light is dependent on UVC exposure time. The AS-Series design not only exposes bacteria and viruses to high-intensity UV light though Ultravation’s highly efficient T3™ UV lights, its design is such that the installation maximizes pathogen exposure to UV light.




T3™ Patented Lamp Design optimizes UV intensity and saves energy.


Applications: Germicidal air treatment for office buildings, commercial structures, hospitals and medical clinics, theaters, universities and colleges, courthouses, all public buildings

Installation: By Ultravation or local commercial HVAC contractor

Sizing and Estimation: Please contact us for project estimate with dosage recommendations


  • Download the Ultravation Commercial Product Line brochure (PDF format)
  • Download the UVMatrix AS-Series info sheet in PDF format

Specifications: Click here to download UVMatrix AS technical specifications in Microsoft Word format

Sizing and Estimation:

  • Download the Commercial Sizing Guidelines (PDF format)

Please contact us for a project estimate with dosage recommendations.

UVMatrix Warranty: 10-year system warranty (excluding lamps)

Additional UVMatrix Features: Safety Interlock • Dry contacts for use with optional remote monitoring • Reliable and UVC-optimizing electronic power supply helps extend lamp life • Auto voltage sensing 120-277VAC operation

UVMatrizAS_3Create healthier indoor environments with low overall environmental impact

Energy efficient

The Ultravation patented T3™ UV light design emits 40% more UV-C, without increasing energy cost. Using high quality yet economical standard UV lamps, the T3™ UV light system achieves the disinfection intensity levels of power-hungry high-output lamps because of their patented design. T3™ optimizes the operating temperature of the UV lamp—enabling it to provide more output than is otherwise possible—without increased energy consumption.

No ozone or other by-products

Ultravation® UltraMAX™ germicidal UVC lamps disinfect the air without adding any substances or creating by-products. Some air treatment designs inject ozone or other chemicals into the airstream to disinfect or “cover odors”. Ultravation UV systems are specifically designed not to create ozone, which is a lung irritant.

Protected under US Patent #: 683805B2