UVC Air Treatment System Sizing and Installation

Ultravation commercial indoor air quality products are designed for performance and installation flexibility.

From calculated lamp lengths to the patented SI-Series expandability for a perfect fit, we have the options to fit any HVAC scenario.


Needs assessment

The first step in developing a program is the overview of the existing conditions. A visual inspection of the air handler can reveal obvious mold growth but actual air and surface sampling can be performed to determine actual contamination levels.

Sizing calculations

With the definition of system performance goals, evaluation of the indoor air quality and air handler condition, we will develop a system size calculation.

Equipment selection

After a thorough evaluation is completed we will create a detailed equipment recommendation with a cost estimate.

Installation of equipment for large air handlers

We work closely with our network of commercial HVAC contractors or send our own team to create an installation that will perform as specified. This includes all preparation work, equipment installation and re-commissioning of the system with the upgrade.

Confidence in your investment in IAQ, energy savings and
environmental commitment

We are very confident in the performance of our equipment and in our assessment of your goals for the system. You can rely on us to stand behind the equipment we manufacture as well as the installations we perform. We also stand ready to maintain and service our installations as well as any existing equipment previously installed by other suppliers. We offer service parts (such as ballasts) and replacement UV lamps for all manufacturers.

For more product and technology information, system evaluation, or to obtain a proposal that meets your goals, please contact us today.

T3™ UVC lamps on HVAC coil
Testing air quailty at the return
Testing air quailty outside the air handler
Testing air quailty at the HVAC coil
Completed UVMatrix SI-Series in operation
Installation of UVMatrix 4X-Series